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Ore Valley Greenway

This is the North East section of the Hastings Walking & Cycling (Greenway) Network that has been approved by East Sussex County Council and Hastings Borough Council in the Hastings Walking & Cycling Strategy 2016 and the more recently agreed Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan 


 Purpose and Function

The Ore Valley Greenway project is a network of walking & cycling routes that has been designed to provide direct paths at reasonable gradients using the topography and green spaces in Ore Valley, which has very poor connectivity and steep, narrow and dangerous roads for cycling.


They link key locations such as housing areas in Ore Valley to schools and shops and to Ore Station and the College Annex, to help to create a positive step change in the way residents travel in Ore Valley for utility, leisure and health and to reduce car use. This project would be of very significant benefit to residents in the most deprived areas in the Borough.

An additional aim - to make these routes disability accessible - is another feature of the Ore Valley Greenway.


This is part of the Hastings (Greenway) Routes network, included in the Hastings Local Plan, to link to the Town Centre and the other Greenway routes.


The Routes (Click here to download a map & plan)

Ore Valley Greenway starts at Ore Station and is split into two routes. One branch continues through the green spaces in the Lower Ore Valley to the Broomgrove Estate. The other branch runs below Farley Bank to Frederick Road and then via Speckled Wood to Ore Village.


Design, Costing and Development

Most of the route surveying, design work and costings have been completed and the necessary land use established.

Ore Community Land Trust has adopted the Ore Valley Greenway as one of the projects it will collaborate with other organisations to achieve. Funding was provided from the Big Local  NE Hastings Community Fund to have the section through Speckled Wood surveyed, designed and costed and for a residents survey that showed overwhelming community support for the whole Ore Valley Greenway.


Further surveying, design and costing was obtained for the principle sections in the Lower Ore Valley.


These projects will be developed, managed and subsequently maintained by the Hastings Greenway Trust (HGT) in collaboration with Ore Community Land Trust


Two sections of the Southern branch of the Ore Valley Greenway run through  housing development  sites and their provision is included in the planning approval requirements for both sites, one of which (below Farley Bank) was completed in 2021. Work on the other site (Frederick Road - old hospital site) is scheduled for completion by 2024.


Future Planned Extension to the Routes

The Hastings Walking & Cycling Strategy network in Ore Valley and Ore Village continues beyond the end points of the Ore Valley Greenway, as on-road and shared pavement  routes. These run through the Broomgrove Estate to the Ridge to the West and from Speckled Wood up to the Hastings Academy in Rye Road to the East.


It is expected that East Sussex County Council will take responsibility for these extensions to complete the North East sections of the Hastings Walking & Cycling network

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‘Developing a community led safe, accessible, sustainable Greenway - an inspirational living landmark that improves the quality of life for now and future generations’

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