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Town Centre Link

Town Centre Link

Unlike say Eastbourne or Bexhill, Hastings has a spectacular ribbon of existing green-space passing through the town centre, the Hastings to Ore Railway.

Based on earlier Greenway concept and feasibility studies, the HGT is developing a compelling “smart-planning” solution to unlock the latent amenity potential of the existing rail corridor, to support a linear park or Greenway, alongside an operational mainline railway (Hastings to Ore).


Because of its massive scale, the rail corridor contains enough marginal land surplus hardstandings and redundant sidings, to build a safe Greenway (with the help of Network Rail) without compromising the railways operational zone.


   Key features

  •  Seamless ribbon-like Greenspace.

  •  Supports utility amenity & leisure needs.

  •  Civic-scale access & connectivity 

  •  Walking & cyling priority.

  •  Traffic-free where possible.

  •   Passive and interactive layout.

To have an understanding of what Queens Road is like to travel along, click on this link.

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‘Developing a community led safe, accessible, sustainable Greenway - an inspirational living landmark that improves the quality of life for now and future generations’

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