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Why a Charitable Trust?


The Hastings Greenway Trust was established in 2020 as a Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO).


As an organisation with a legal structure, we can directly own assets, employ people and have access to funding streams that are not available to statutory bodies and others.

With a formal constitution and bank account

The Trusts key aims are:

  • To protect the original vision, and future legacy of the Hastings Greenway project.

  • To create a Borough-wide Greenway   that can help meet existing and

      future civic and community needs.

  • To secure a viable Greenway delivery management and maintenance programme working with other partners.

  • To ensure that the Greenway continues to act as a catalyst for the enhancement of the public realm (in support of the Local Plan). 

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‘Developing a community led safe, accessible, sustainable Greenway - an inspirational living landmark that improves the quality of life for now and future generations’

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