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Welcome to Hastings Greenway Trust

The Hastings Greenway has been around as a ‘Pilot Project’ and aspiration for many years.

The concept of a route for people to travel away from vehicle traffic, in comparative safety and ease, has been successfully established in many towns globally.

The benefits of ‘sustainable’ travel are many, not least for the health and well-being of users, reduction of Carbon Footprint for both individuals and town, lowering of localised transport costs, to name a few!


Working through our Project groups with the community, businesses, local enterprise, County and Borough councils, national organisations, funding bodies, politicians and landowners, our task and commitment is to deliver a high quality, legacy asset for Hastings!

Click here to download a PDF explaining what a Greenway is.

And, click here to download our Information Sheet.

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‘Developing a community led safe, accessible, sustainable Greenway - an inspirational living landmark that improves the quality of life for now and future generations’

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